Spur Gears

We Ashoka Gears known for long-lasting and highly efficient spur gears, we manufacturing spur gearGirth Gears Manufacturers from MS, Alloy steel and carbon steel kind of raw material establish high performance. We offering largest selection of spur gears, designed for operating parallel shafts to transmit motion and power, Spur gears are most simple type of gears and commonly used in the market.

Spur Gear Design

Design of Spur Gear Spur gear (Single) usually having ratio between 1:1 and 1:6 pitch line velocity can be up to 25m/s. Spur gears shown an best efficiency. Spur gears are made from hard material compared to the other wheel gears, spur gear contains more teeth compare to others gears.


External Ring Gears
We Manufacture All Type Of Internal and External Ring Gears

We manufacturer gears as per international standards: ASTM, BS, IS, SAE, AISI Bevel Gears.
Ring Gears are highly efficient and durable.

Available with set screws and machined seat.

Gears Material

• Aluminum Gears
• Cast Iron Gears
• Plastic Gears
• Steel Gears
• Other Metal Gears
• Brass Gears
• Copper Gears
• Powdered Metal Gears
• Wood Gears

Industries Served
Defence  Marine
 Food Processing  Sugar
 Grinding Mills  Stamping Presses Steel
 Hot and Cold Rolling  Strip Processing
 Lock and Dam Machinery  Surface Mining
 Moveable Bridges  Petrochemical
 Paper  Turbine Plant
 Petroleum  Rubber Plants
 Plastics  Power Industry
 Rubber  Fertilizer Industry
 Sponge Iron  Material Handling
 Earth Moving Industry