Pinion Gears

Ashoka Gears is a leading pinion gears manufacturers, We manufacture all type of pinion gears in all over world.Girth Gears Manufacturers Our best quality material for providing best output to the advance equipments. Pinion Gears are used to switch rotational motion in to linear motion, array of our pinion gears is manufactured as a best gears and that is why its famous by the name of Ashoka Gears.

Pinion is a small cogwheel type gear, where the teeth fit in to a larger gear wheel is a rack. Pinion is very useful and popular type of gear and used in various industries. Rack and Pinion is used to make change between rotary and linear motion. Rack is the flat toothed equipment part and pinion is a gear, rack and pinion can convert from rotary to linear and from liner to rotary. Pinion gears are generally used in steering systems.

Diameter of pinion gears determines the speed so tat rack moves as pinion turns. Pinion commonly used with rack where rack and pinion gives a positive motion important is its compared to the friction drive of a wheel in tarmac. Pinion gears are is also known as best gears and required various industrial operations.

Most of the supplying areas

We are manufacture pinion gears to various industries like mining, sponge iron plants, coal mills, cement plants in affordable effective cost.
Materials: Manufactured by Cast Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, hardened steel, corbon steel, We are made custom pinion gears according to customer requirement and demanding technology.
International Standard:  ASTM, IS, BS, AISI, SAE

  • Increasing power density through higher hardness pinions
  • Having tight tolerance limits
  • Long life and durable
  • Available in various standard sizes also in custom sizes
  • Hassle free long life service
  • Cost effective budget
Gears Material

• Aluminum Gears
• Cast Iron Gears
• Plastic Gears
• Steel Gears
• Other Metal Gears
• Brass Gears
• Copper Gears
• Powdered Metal Gears
• Wood Gears

Industries Served
Defence  Marine
 Food Processing  Sugar
 Grinding Mills  Stamping Presses Steel
 Hot and Cold Rolling  Strip Processing
 Lock and Dam Machinery  Surface Mining
 Moveable Bridges  Petrochemical
 Paper  Turbine Plant
 Petroleum  Rubber Plants
 Plastics  Power Industry
 Rubber  Fertilizer Industry
 Sponge Iron  Material Handling
 Earth Moving Industry