Industrial Gears


Ashoka Gears is a world known leading gears manufacturers and turnkey plant manufacturers in world wide, WeGears-Manufacturers manufacturing and supplying all type Industrial gears for various industries for all over world. We are manufacturing and exporting high quality standard and custom industrial gears, gearboxes and assemblies according to the customer requirement and satisfaction.


We are providing one stop solution for various kind of industrial products and other industrial equipments and machinery applications, Presently we are serving our industrial gears and other equipments to so many industries including steel, mining, mills, automotive, tunnel boring, aerospace, railway and many other industries.


Industrial Gears and heavy industrial equipments are manufactured to perform quality with increased corrosion resistance. Our work stations are well equipped with the latest design software and quality testing facilities we are using in manufacturing high quality power transmission gears. We are having all modern machines and materials for manufacturing quality gears, gearboxes and gearbox housings etc.
Gears are the mechanical machine used to transmit motion or power. It is a rotating device and round in shape. Industrial gears are the power transmission components of the driven machine elements. These are toothed shaped equipment like a wheel or a cylinder. These industrial products are used to determine course, the torque, and pace of revolution for the moving parts. Industrial gears are available in various types such as spur gear, worm gear, helical gear, bevel gear, planetary gear etc.


Type Of Industrial Gears we manufacture

Girth Gears

Girth gears are most popular and one of the most important part in the gear drive assembly. The important part of girth gears is that they are made in multiple segments like two, four or eight equal sizes.



Spur Gears

It is the most commonly used gear and in the form of cylinder or disk. These gears are rotate in parallel to the axis. Spur are used in those conditions where sound organization is not a difficulty and in low speed applications.



Worm Gears

It is of two types, single and multi-start threaded. Worm are used in agitators, conveyors, elevators, crushers, mixers and filters in the industries like cement, sugar, textile, plastic, paper, power plants, and leather.



Helical & Double Helical Gears

Helical gears have angled teeth to create a thrust load. Gears are not rotate in parallel. Helical gears are selected on the numbers of factors like width of tooth, number of teeth, gear angle, pitch diameter and manufacturing material.



Bevel Gears

These gears are fitted in the right angle of any other angle to the axis of the rotation. Bevel gears are used in printing press, locomotives, hand drills, cooling towers and so on.



Pinion Gears

Pinion is a technology,A pinion is a round gear or circle used in several applications. Generally, When meshing pair of gears, the smaller gear is called a pinion gear. Also, it refers to the cylindrical gear that meshes with a rack in a rack-and-pinion mechanism which transforms rotational motion to linear motion.


Industries Served
Defence  Marine
 Food Processing  Sugar
 Grinding Mills  Stamping Presses Steel
 Hot and Cold Rolling  Strip Processing
 Lock and Dam Machinery  Surface Mining
 Moveable Bridges  Petrochemical
 Paper  Turbine Plant
 Petroleum  Rubber Plants
 Plastics  Power Industry
 Rubber  Fertilizer Industry
 Sponge Iron  Material Handling
 Earth Moving Industry