Girth Gears

Girth gears are most popular and one of the most important part in the gear drive assembly. The important part Girth Gears Manufacturers of girth gears is that they are made in multiple segments like two, four or eight equal sizes. Designing of Girth Gears and pinion gears can be several standards, the where common and popular standards are AGMA 321.05, AGMA 6004 F88 and ISO 6336.


Girth gears is mostly used in mills and kiln drives. Girth gears materials have made many changes on their own like, casting is improved using full ring revering techniques and replication programs are installed for verification of proper solidification. Girth gears new materials are used with an added benefit of increase in solidity and therefore increased ratings. Girth gears is not working in the supply of the spare parts. The industries, where Girth gears are used are sugar mills industries, paper mills industries, steel and iron industries etc.


Buyers Guide for Girth Gears

If you are looking for Girth Gears Please contact us we will give you all kind of information related to best performance. Here are some important points which can be very useful to you.

Quality Performance

Please check gears attributes like pitch, gear profile, lead angle and other attributes. This is very important to select same supplier for pinion, because at the time of installation pinion gears and girth gears would mate properly without any hitch.

Girth Gears (Single Segments and Multiple Segments)

Material: MS or Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel as per ASTM, BS, IS, AISI, SAE or any as per customer requirement.
Manufacturing Capacity: 10mm to 12,000mm Outside Diameter.
Module: Upto 60 Module.
Type: With Gap/ Without Gap

Gears Material

• Aluminum Gears
• Cast Iron Gears
• Plastic Gears
• Steel Gears
• Other Metal Gears
• Brass Gears
• Copper Gears
• Powdered Metal Gears
• Wood Gears

Industries Served
Defence  Marine
 Food Processing  Sugar
 Grinding Mills  Stamping Presses Steel
 Hot and Cold Rolling  Strip Processing
 Lock and Dam Machinery  Surface Mining
 Moveable Bridges  Petrochemical
 Paper  Turbine Plant
 Petroleum  Rubber Plants
 Plastics  Power Industry
 Rubber  Fertilizer Industry
 Sponge Iron  Material Handling
 Earth Moving Industry